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‘Six Gym/Diet Hacks for Better Sex’ YouTube Series

Branden Hayward is a high intensity fitness trainer and nutrition coach delivering comprehensive, body-changing workout programs and lifestyle modifications on a personalized and emotional basis. Thanks to his dynamic knowledge of the body, unique ability to motivate, and specialized understanding of how to coach all kinds of clients to lifestyles and eating habits that support their physique goals, Branden’s clients sustainably torch stubborn fat, build head-turning muscle, break through and past plateaus and limits, and earn a significantly higher quality of life.


“Branden and I have worked together for over a year consistently.   I have had other trainers before, and they have been fine but what I like about Branden is his sensitivity and high level of focus on his client.  He behaves like a coach rather than a drill sergeant and pays very close attention to every aspect of the workout.   He is diligent about recording progress and works with me to tailor workouts to my specific goals.    He is always engaged during the workout and responds to my vibe.  I am a busy professional and if I am running into the workout needing to decompress and focus on the work I don’t ever feel like I need to make idle chit chat to fill the air.  That said, he is personable at all times and makes me feel  welcome in his presence.  Furthermore he is punctual, flexible with scheduling as much as he can be and easy to reach throughout the week for whatever my needs are.    My experience with Branden has been stellar and I can very happily recommend him to anyone needing a great trainer.”

Chris Stevens, Christopher Stevens LLC Interior Decoration

“I’ve been training with Branden for nearly a year. I am continually impressed by his knowledge of his craft, his compassion for others, and his ceaseless motivation for me to be the best I can be. Over the course of our training, I have gained – and sustained – a significant amount of new muscle in my chest, shoulders, arms, butt and legs. My back and my abdominals have cuts, creases and definition I had never before experienced.   Branden tailors each workout to align with my goals and is quick and amenable to changing our program based on what I hope to get out of our sessions.

I became familiar with Branden’s work through Instagram and have been so impressed by his holistic approach to wellness.  In addition to our rigorous sessions Branden takes time to craft a individualized nutrition plan to help me reach my goals and sustain my change. My time with Branden has not only improved my physique, but widened my perspective on fitness and living a mindful life.”

Will Hoffman, 27, Public Relations