Remote Services

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Branden provides nutrition and lifestyle modification coaching for clients anywhere in the world.

Training Programs

Basic Training Program: Three distinct workouts to challenge your fitness level and ability, setting you on track toward becoming a better you. This includes a twenty minute discussion with the client before the workouts are designed, to ensure a custom-tailored approach.  — $100

4 Week Training Program: Designed for individuals looking to commit to a consistent exercise regime 3x/week. This program includes built-in progressions, week after week. Naturally, a thirty minute discussion with the client is included to facilitate a highly specific and results-driven approach.  — $200

8 Week Advanced Training Program: This program includes all the elements of the 4 Week Training program, but offers a better weekly value, includes custom nutrition coaching, and a total of sixty minutes of discussion/check in with Branden throughout the two month process.  — $300

12 Week Elite Training Program: Designed for individuals who are looking to overhaul their aesthetic, strength and energy level, with the greatest amount of one-on-one attention and coaching from Branden along the way: a total of one hundred and twenty minutes of phone coaching and discussion.  — $500 (BEST VALUE)

Nutrition Coaching without training programming:

$100/month for sixty minutes of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, broken up over two phone calls. The first call is at the beginning of the month and the second is halfway through the month. Needs to be used within thirty days of purchase. Includes text message communication throughout the month.







Hours Available

Branden has early morning, daytime, and evening availability throughout the week. Branden is also available on the weekends.

Please email for more information on weekly availability.

Spring 2016: The One-Visit Body and Life Transformation Package

Branden is now offering a 2 hour comprehensive session, in which he will:

– help clarify and offer feedback on the client’s short and long term goals,
– survey her or his workout and injury background,
– assess nutrition and lifestyle patterns, and produce two nutrition / lifestyle modifications designed to become permanent changes that complement the client’s goals,
– evaluate movement patterns and provide a corrective exercise routine tailored to any imbalances present,
– guide the client through an intensive workout, using laser-sharp focus on #form and pace, and
– provide the individual with a written copy of a progressive workout program that she or he may use on their own for the following month, informed by the client’s specific goals, workout/injury history, and movement patterns.

Branden recommends this 2 hour session for self motivated individuals who already have a gym habit.

Please contact Branden directly for rates for this service.

Personal + Paired Training

Please contact Branden directly for rates for personal training.

Remote Nutrition Coaching

$100/month for nutrition and lifestyle coaching via email

$125/month for nutrition and lifestyle coaching via telephone and email

$225/month for nutrition and lifestyle coaching via telephone and email plus up to two 30 minute face to face meetings per month (for those clients in New York City who can visit Branden near 19th Street and 7th Avenue)

Program Design

Please contact Branden directly for more information regarding rates for this service.


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