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Strength class for August 12 and 13, 2017: The weather report indicates that while overcast, the rain won’t be coming down at noon on Saturday August 12. Class will be outside unless otherwise indicated! (Updated Friday, August 11)

From late July through early September of 2016, Branden brought fun, dynamic and challenging full body strength and conditioning workouts to the beach in beautiful Fire Island, Pines. This was his first summer offering the classes, and each class had between several and ten attendees. Each client, therefore, received plenty of individual attention from Branden, as well as motivation and laughter from the others in the class.

Check out some clips from the classes, below. If you want Branden to bring this offering back in the summer of 2017, send him an email and let him know!

biggest august group




More than fifteen thousand individuals around the world follow Branden on his Instagram account. He focuses on posting consistent, high quality photos and videos which meaningfully and uniquely prepare his audience to navigate the complexities of building and loving their most beautiful body ever. His followers also receives special offers on training and coaching services. Click below to follow, in case you aren’t already!

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Thank you to client Miss Fame, the world famous makeup icon and drag artist, for helping Branden promote his workshop last Spring!

Nineteen men took the time out of their busy lives on May 11, 2016 to listen to Branden share his experiences, both emotional and physiological, with not only bettering the body, but learning to accept and love one’s body. Branden spoke for about 45 minutes and took questions at the end.

Here’s what some folks had to say at the end of the evening:

“Branden displayed enthusiasm and knowledge, respectful to all questions and very informative.”

“Great, positive attitude.”

“(Branden has) a great understanding of nutrition and muscle training.”

Branden looks forward to another presentation in the future. In the mean time, check out what it was all about – below!


Original press release Spring 2016:

Gentlemen —

Branden is excited to announce that at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 11 at 520 8th avenue (36 street), he will be hosting a Men’s Health Seminar: Silencing the Inner Critic.

In this free seminar, he will be debunking some of the most prevalent myths about earning and sustaining a beautiful, muscular and lean body, including:

“My genetics won’t allow me to earn and maintain a small, tight waist / bulk up / get a muscular and lifted butt / etc.”

“I’m 60 something / 50 something / 40 something / 30 something … It’s too late. If I was going to have a good body, it would have happened by now”

“I have to work out _____ hours/times per week to have a strong and head-turning physique, and since I can’t commit to that with my insane work schedule, there’s no use in even trying”

“My diet would have to be perfect to get a beautiful body”

Branden will also be taking questions during the second portion of this Seminar. He invites you to send an email to with what you would like to see covered in this talk, and what your own Inner Critic has been telling you that’s holding you back from seeking out your best and strongest body!

Register for free here:



In the winter of 2017, Branden entered a fun dance and training video in an online competition to become Madonna’s next trainer. Check out the hijinks that ensued, below.