In-Person Services


In-Person Training in New York City:

Private Training

Your journey to a head-turned physique and better overall health begins with an intake session during which Branden can determine your athletic level, needs, goals and movement patterns. This information is then used to design a long-term, personalized training program (which will constantly evolve and adapt to your training demands). Then the real work begins, gradually progressing with each workout from week to week to ensure interest and motivation while your body continues to develop. Monthly re-assessments are conducted throughout this process to measure progress and inform any lifestyle or program changes that need to be made.

 Branden/s Tip: The Rule of 20: A majority of folks would be thrilled with a body composition change of 20 pounds. In other words, some combination of muscle gain and fat loss (for example, 4 lb. muscle gain and 16 lb. fat loss, or 13 lb. muscle gain and 7 lb. fat loss). If you don’t know where to start with your goals, we can always start with this!


Semi-Private Training


Much like the personal training program, you and your training partner will begin with an intake session and progress in the same manner described above. Branden is happy to pair you with a training partner if you do not have one in mind. Branden will then design a long-term, paired training program (which will constantly evolve and adapt to both of your training demands). Then the real work will begin, gradually progressing with each workout from week to week to ensure interest and motivation while your bodies continues to develop. Bi-weekly assessments are conducted throughout this process to measure progress and inform any lifestyle or program changes that need to be made.

Branden’s Tip: Camaraderie: Paired training is not for everyone, but it can be a great way for two people to spend quality time together that’s both fun and healthy. It takes genuine commitment and trust to take time out of your busy schedule to build something with someone else — especially when dealing with health and fitness. But often, individuals will push themselves much harder when working with a familiar partner. 

Nutrition + Lifestyle Modification


Using the information gained from a detailed food log, and possibly other assessments and conversations, Branden will pinpoint one to three habit changes as the first plan of attack. The client’s input as to which habit change feels the most do-able, as well as exciting, will determine which is assigned first. Only one new change is assigned at any given time. Branden will check in with you every session to see how the assignment is going, making the change more palatable if compliance is a challenge, and moving on to the next habit change when compliance has been reached and maintained steadily. In this fashion, every three months the client will have implemented a number of significant lifestyle modifications, without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Body + Energy Transformation


Through the use of corrective exercise, exacting commitment on form, and expert session programming, a client of Branden’s can expect an increase in energy within the first few weeks of training, as well as increased stamina in daily activities. Depending on the client’s level of vigor and commitment, the appearance of the client’s body will start to change over the course of several weeks, with marked change noticeable within the first few months.  Measurable and sustainable improvements in strength, muscle mass, body composition, posture and a quality of life are the most significant benefits clients enjoy with adherence to lifestyle modifications and consistent training.

Please use the “contact” form to send Branden an email if you would like to learn about pricing for any in-person service.

New York City facilities

Branden trains some of his clients out of The Live Well Company, located at 256 West Street in Tribeca, New York City. Live Well is a 5,000 square foot, award-winning modern gym facility. The fact that this gym is never crowded and vets its trainers for professionalism are Branden’s two favorite things about Live Well. It is located off of the 1, A, C, E trains (Canal Street stop).

Recently, Branden has also taken to training a number of his clients outdoors, at Pier 46, located on the Hudson River near the Christopher Street 1 train stop.

Branden also enjoys training his clients at Independent Training Spot, located at 28th Street and 5th Avenue, and Complete Body on 19th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues in Chelsea, when his clients need a location that is further uptown.

All of the aforementioned gym facilities are designed primarily or exclusively for trainers and their clients, thus there is never the need to become a member of the gym or pay an additional fee.Branden is also just as happy to discuss traveling to another neighborhood to train a client in their home or at a nearby private training gym (such gyms are abundant in New York City!).

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