“I’ve been training with Branden for the past 3 months and it’s been a great experience.  With his help I’ve achieved my goal to gain mass and not get fat.  With a focus on progressive workouts, I have a stronger, broader back, thicker legs with more definition than ever and a bigger butt.  He continues to help me set goals and gives me dietary and lifestyle assignments to keep me on track which we discuss during monthly assessments.  I’ve recently been working through tendonitis in my shoulder and his attention to my needs has been tremendous, he even spoke to my physical therapist who had never had a trainer call her on behalf of a client!  I feel like my fitness goals are being addressed by a consummate professional and with Branden I have the support of someone who really cares to help achieve them!”

Kunal Manglani, 32, Fashion Buyer

“I’ve been training with Branden for nearly a year. I am continually impressed by his knowledge of his craft, his compassion for others, and his ceaseless motivation for me to be the best I can be. Over the course of our training, I have gained – and sustained – a significant amount of new muscle in my chest, shoulders, arms, butt and legs. My back and my abdominals have cuts, creases and definition I had never before experienced.   Branden tailors each workout to align with my goals and is quick and amenable to changing our program based on what I hope to get out of our sessions.

I became familiar with Branden’s work through Instagram and have been so impressed by his holistic approach to wellness.  In addition to our rigorous sessions Branden takes time to craft a individualized nutrition plan to help me reach my goals and sustain my change. My time with Branden has not only improved my physique, but widened my perspective on fitness and living a mindful life.”

Will Hoffman, 27, Public Relations

“I had never worked with a personal trainer before, and had a bad success rate of
actually getting to the gym. I met Branden through mutual friends, and after
chatting with him about what he provides as a trainer, I decided to start working
with him. We’ve been training together now for over 8 months, and I couldn’t be
happier with the results! He asked what my goals were, and I said, “I want a big
butt.” Well, guess who has a nice firm booty now?! This guy. He has been very
accommodating with my schedule, as I travel out of town for work sometimes, as
well as handling last minute changes. He is obviously committed to my progress,
and checks in regularly to see how everything is going. Branden is very
knowledgeable in nutrition, and has coached my eating habits to get more protein
and carbs, which has translated into marked muscle growth. He is a patient man,
and really pushes me to go further in my strength training. Branden is also super
fun to be around! There is lots of laughter when we work together, which takes the
seriousness out of weight lifting for me. It’s like working out with a friend!!
Recently, a stranger commented on my lovely booty, and I said, “Thank you sir! I
shall relay that to my trainer.” So THANK YOU Branden!”

Karl Gregory, 37, Actor: TV’s ‘Nightcap’

A little over a year ago, after feeling consistently tired for months on end – & for reasons I felt had to be more than an exhausting work/travel schedule – I decided I needed to go to my Doctor for some blood tests.  I remember saying to him: “Why am I always so tired?  Something has to be wrong with me.”  My Doctor did the extensive blood tests and to my slight disappointment, no single test result pointed to any problem that could be resolved with any particular vitamin or medical quick-fix remedy.  He reminded me that I had put on weight – and for every ten pounds I had gained my energy level would become markedly lower.  My doctor suggested I find a “good personal trainer” – and thus I embarked on this journey with Branden which has far exceeded my expectations.

Over the last year, Branden has engineered specially modified programs tailor-made to fit my needs that have focused on strength training, flexibility, balance, endurance, fat loss & corrective exercises.  Branden’s varied programs keep my body guessing, & through the process, I’ve felt muscles I’ve never known I’ve had & accomplished things I’ve never thought my body could do.   Branden is an enthusiastic, motivating force and he manages to push me in a way that’s honest, encouraging, tough, practical and supportive.

The rewards I’ve reaped while training with Branden transcend beyond the physical.  Since beginning to train with Branden & implementing the lifestyle changes we agree upon 2 weeks at a time, I feel markedly better – my energy level is way up, my sleeping is much deeper– I have a mental clarity and an overall & consistent feeling of wellness I hadn’t felt in the years prior.

For me, Branden is the perfect balance of professional and fun.  He has an obvious, genuine interest in my fitness & well-being.  My goals are his goals.  He cares.  His focus on fitness, results & health has helped me transform my lifestyle & for that I am deeply grateful.

John Paul Fleming, 33, Brand Director

“Branden is one of the most attentive and dedicated trainers I have met. He aims to gain complete understanding of my goals, fitness abilities and works very closely to incorporate a healthier and more active lifestyle to match my individual capabilities. But beyond all that, what makes Branden even more special is that he takes the time to genuinely understand a person’s emotional and physical well being before introducing little changes in their lifestyle that are manageable but create a positive impact on their lives. This approach not only encourages me to look forward to my sessions with him but helps build small habits that contribute to my overall fitness goal. For example, within the first four weeks of training with Branden, not only did he help my body cope with the transition of moving from a state of complete inertia, his nutrition plan increased my energy levels during the workout and even through the day. The daily habits he introduced to my lifestyle even contributed to a reduction of nearly an inch around my hips, which is one of the hardest areas for me to see results. Moreover, training with him is a satisfying and therapeutic experience!”

Shraddha Balasubramaniam, 25, Student of Architecture

“Before I started training with Branden, my self-esteem was as low as my motivation to work-out and improve myself on a physical, mental, and emotional level. When I approached Branden for the first time to discuss the possibility of us training together, I instantly felt that he was invested in helping me reach my goals and motivated to achieve what I had always thought was impossible. I have often come across personal trainers who might be in great shape themselves, but who do not possess the drive or fire beneath their chiseled exteriors to motivate me enough to reach my goals. But with Branden, I have found that he not only has an amazing body, but he also has the capacity to be more than merely a personal trainer: he has become my friend and someone that I would call a mentor. He has helped me reached me goals, and then some.

Just a few years ago, to say that I was insecure about my body and my appearance would be an understatement. My arms used to dangle beside me like noodles, my stomach felt flabby and gross to me, and my posture displayed my lack of physical (and emotional) strength. Branden has been my savior and sidekick through my full body, mind, and spirit transformation, and he is a delight to work with. Not only is he a committed and educated trainer who knows how to work with each and everyone’s body type effectively and appropriately, but he is also a visionary. I could tell that he imagined that way that I want to (and eventually will) look, and the fact that he could envision the body that I’ve always wanted that I did not have the capacity to believe in, has been extremely encouraging and reassuring throughout this process. I am an impatient person, and I find that one of Branden’s strengths is to manage my expectations while making efficient results happen. Of course, no one can have bulging biceps over night, but staying consistent with Branden and sticking to our routine workouts has enabled me to see results quicker than I had ever before.


I find it rare to meet someone who can help me reach my goals efficiently and effectively, but who makes the process feel rewarding and encouraging along the way. Someone who is as friendly and genuine as they are tough and “kick-ass” in all the best ways. Branden embodies all of those qualities to the tee. Thank you, Branden. My heart, my mind, (and my biceps, quads, hamstrings, the list goes on) will be forever grateful to you.”

Dan Cohanim, 21, Student

“I have worked out most of my adult life – always on my own. But in the last couple of years, a series of injuries/maladies disrupted my routine and I became discouraged and needed a way back in. Branden has proven to be a wonderful guide. He is knowledgeable — not just of the mechanics of the gym, but also of physiology and psychology. He will listen to your goals and fears and limitations and craft a program tailored to you. He is utterly attentive. He is always there demonstrating, adjusting, exhorting and encouraging. Branden trains in a small private environment, so you can feel comfortable and confident. Finally, the fact that he is adorable and a superb example of what he preaches certainly doesn’t hurt. So, while in the past I may never has realized the benefit in a trainer, now I am a believer.”

Ralph Gilmartin, 61, Real Estate Broker/Attorney

“Finding the right match you are comfortable with for a trainer in NYC can be a daunting task. When I decided to take the plunge back into the gym, I knew I would need the guidance of a well-qualified and skilled trainer. I found just that with Branden Hayward and couldn’t be more thrilled.

Branden has far exceeded my expectations as a trainer. With his in-depth knowledge of fitness, training, nutrition, and the physiology of the body, he was able to craft a comprehensive training and nutrition program to help me accomplish my goals. With a set of goals, I was able to lose 2 inches around my waist within 3 months. Muscle tone and definition were forming. My core and posterior were getting stronger, alleviating back pain issues I had suffered from. Always interactive with my sessions, his attention to detail and form has helped correct a myriad of issues I had. With an amazing ability to listen and connect with his clients, he evokes the passion to help his clients attain results. I have been challenged and pushed by Branden. He keeps me focused and inspires me to do better with each session. The changes have been noticeable both physically and mentally for myself. He’s made me a stronger, healthier, and happier person. I’m able to sustain my objectives through the tools and the thoughtful education Branden has provided me. Thank you Branden for getting me there.”

Sean Roeser, 47, Financial Fund Manager

“I had the pleasure of doing an eight week intensive training program with Branden. Having worked with several personal trainers in the past, I can safely say that Branden is cut above the rest. He is extremely professional, and more importantly, thoughtful in his approach to training. We started by building a base of core fundamental movements which he gradually progressed to more complex workouts over the course of our training. While this approach seems simple, I have not worked with somebody that was so focused on pace, correct functional movement and progression. I would highly recommend Branden to somebody that is serious about goal setting, fitness and has the desire to work with a professional in that ongoing process.”

Richard Kandel, 29, Associate

“Training with Branden has been the best thing I have ever done for my physical fitness. I have had trainers in the past who merely go through the motions and produce little results. With Branden however, being educated both in diet and exercise has enhanced my entire lifestyle. Because of Branden’s wealth of knowledge, I understand so much more about what my actions can do to influence my goals. I’m attaining goals faster and more efficiently, gaining strength and burning fat where I didn’t know I had the capacity, and feeling better overall than I ever have before.

To date, I’ve lost two inches at my waist and gained over an inch around my chest and back. Branden is no-nonsense and 100% goal-oriented; his approach is full body fitness: taking measurements to chart progress, sitting down and setting goals and providing diet information, getting workouts that are custom fit to your desired physical result, and keeping you engaged and inspired during sessions are what make his approach a complete and fulfilling method. If you respond well to great leadership and instruction and if you’re ready to make changes in your life and see amazing results, training with Branden will be the best decision of your physically fit life.

Weston Olson, 33, Actor on Broadway’s “Les Misérables”