“What I love about training with Branden is a total confidence that I am going to be unable to do a bad job. I know this because Branden’s attention on me during the session is so incredibly focused. He can sense whenever I start to cut corners or am losing form, or when I have more left in me to give.

Probably my favorite moment with Branden was when I wasn’t hitting my dietary goals. Patiently, he said, ‘Walk me through each meal you missed – what’s holding you back?’ I had about five problems for him, and he carefully explained a logical solution to each one. ‘Buy an extra Blend’r Bottle™. Make two shakes in the morning so you don’t wake your roommate at night.’ This only comes from having experience from doing his recommendations himself — he knew the practical, day-to-day in and outs to turn a theoretical exercise program into reality for me. The level of workout intensity I achieved with Branden was beyond what I thought possible for myself, and that didn’t stop in the gym. Shattering the glass ceiling I had hit in the gym brought me new confidence in every area of my life.”

Doug Kenney, 28, Founder/Owner showhelpme.com

“Branden Hayward is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and warm and he works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger, more flexible and my waist line has decreased inches. I am learning sustainable changes in both exercise and diet that will provide health benefits and a better body for years to come. I recommend him without reservation.”

Joe Gage, 51, Senior Vice President Black Knight Financial Services

“I have been training with Branden for a few months now. I have worked out for years and even had trainers before. Well, I thought I worked out and I thought I had trainers…until I met Branden.   He truly is a master of his craft. He is incredibly bright, and knowledgeable and has real patience. He is full with a wealth of real and insightful information in fitness and health, and he truly cares.

Branden is the real deal, he studies you, learns you, and focuses on the areas he knows are going to make you stronger and better in the long run. He can help anyone achieve their goal and inspire them beyond what they think they have in them. He is doing it for me. He is the standard of excellence in what a trainer should be.”

Carlos Lopez, 46, CEO ToyBacker