“I had never worked with a personal trainer before, and had a bad success rate of
actually getting to the gym. I met Branden through mutual friends, and after
chatting with him about what he provides as a trainer, I decided to start working
with him. We’ve been training together now for over 8 months, and I couldn’t be
happier with the results! He asked what my goals were, and I said, “I want a big
butt.” Well, guess who has a nice firm booty now?! This guy. He has been very
accommodating with my schedule, as I travel out of town for work sometimes, as
well as handling last minute changes. He is obviously committed to my progress,
and checks in regularly to see how everything is going. Branden is very
knowledgeable in nutrition, and has coached my eating habits to get more protein
and carbs, which has translated into marked muscle growth. He is a patient man,
and really pushes me to go further in my strength training. Branden is also super
fun to be around! There is lots of laughter when we work together, which takes the
seriousness out of weight lifting for me. It’s like working out with a friend!!
Recently, a stranger commented on my lovely booty, and I said, “Thank you sir! I
shall relay that to my trainer.” So THANK YOU Branden!”

Karl Gregory, 37, Actor: TV’s ‘Nightcap’